Antonsen Big Band - With Guests (CD)

Antonsen Big Band - With Guests (CD)


Putte Wickman, Ole Edvard Antonsen,
Frode Thingnæs, Yngvar Numme,
Göran Fristorp, Grethe Kausland,
Petter Wettre, Paperboys, Odd Renè Andersen, Odd R. Antonsen 


Antonsen Big Band on Norwegian TV



1. Let The Good Times Roll

2. Sang til et sovende barn

3. Mr. JPA

4. Line For Lyons

5. Ti Might As Well Be Spring

6. Here's That Rainy Day

7. Bebop Calypso

8. Rough Riding

9. Here's To Life

10. That's Life

11. Some Day My Prince Will Come


The Newspaper Østlendingen: 5 on the dice

Big Band lives! 

Ringsaker Blad: 5 on the dice


Rana Blad: 5 on the dice


TV2: 4 on the dice


Aftenposten: 4 on the dice