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England Brooks - My Mother's Eyes

England Brooks - My Mother's Eyes




England Brooks, vocal

John-Kåre Hansen, guitar

Magne Arnesen, piano

Dag Erik Pedersen, double bass

Roger Johansen, drums


England Brooks was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and made Norway and the town of Bodø her new home, early 2000. Northern Norway is a considerably colder place and a whole lot smaller than Los Angeles, but the people in the north have supported the newcommer with warm hearts and have watched her grow as an artist in her new country.


Growing up in Los Angeles in the 60s and 70s England Brooks got that soul feeling from an early age through music-filled churches and concerts. My Mother's Eyes is England Brooks' tribute to her mother who passed away much too early and was a very important person in her life encouraging her to follow her heart and persue the music.

With her deep and soulful voice, England Brooks has thrilled fans and created great musical moments in concerts with her ability to communicate and interact with the audience.


England Brooks’ musical career is a long and rich one, appearing on Norwegian national tv several times in 2015. With this CD it will be her first time appearing on a recording as a solo artist.


After a concert at Ad Lib Jazzklubb and Sinus in Bodø, Brooks and her band recorded a handful favorites from the great American songbook in Bodø’s own Store Studio. In addition to the standards we’re treated with two originals, one of which is dedicated to her new home, Northern Norway.


England Brooks singing from the great American songbook is the real deal. We get to hear her musical upbringing from the home of jazz. The expression is strong with a deep personal feeling. England Brooks' seamless mix of classical swinging jazz and genuine soul makes her unique on the Norwegian jazz scene.


Track list:

1. On a clear day - Lane/Lerner

2. My mother’s eyes - Baer/Gilbert

3. The nearness of you - Carmichael/Washington

4. I love paris - Cole Porter

5. Just in time - Styne/Comden/Green

6. Never in a million years - England Brooks

7. Northern norway -  England Brooks

8. Here ́s that rainy day - van Heusen

9. You don’t know what love is - Burke de Paul

10. My romance - Raye Rodgers/Hart

11. All the things you are - Kern/Hammerstein

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