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Hilde Hefte - An Evening in Prague

Hilde Hefte - An Evening in Prague




Hilde Hefte - vocal

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductor: Mario Klemens


Egil Kapstad - piano

Nisse Sandström - ten. sax.

Bjørn Alterhaug - bass

Eyvind Olsen Wahlen - drums


All music arrangments by Egil Kapstad


Released 2007



1. Close Enough For Love - Paul Williams / Johnny Mandel  2. Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams - Alan & Marilyn Bergman / Johnny Mandel  3. I Do It For Your Love - Paul Simon  4. For Heaven's Sake - Elise Bretton  5. Quiet Now - Suzi Stern / Denny Zeitlin  6. Tenderly - Jack Lawrence / Walter Gross  7. Answer Me - Bernard Winkler / Fred Rauch / Carl Sigman  8. Lisell September - Hilde Hefte / Egil Kapstad  9. My Buddy - Walter Donaldson / Gus Kahn  10. If You Could See Me Now - Carl Sigman / Tadd Dameron

.... .  . . .  .. . .. . . .. .. . . . . . . . . .... . .... . ... . .. . . . . .  . . . . .  . .


USA: Featured artist on The Jazznetwork - USA. 
Hilde Hefte the featured artist at the largest Jazznetwork in USA. On the frontpage 2 songs from her CD "AN EVENING IN PRAGUE" together with some press photos. What an honor. This website is the largest network for jazz musicians in The US. 


USA: The Live Radio Show "Here's to your good health" hosted by Dr. Harris Stratyner: "What a beautiful, beautiful CD" 

Fantastic reviews at  "Norwegian chanteuse Hilde Hefte delivers an intimate, assured rendering of one of the most intricate and lovely ballads ever written. With a relaxed authority devoid of diva pretensions, her ethereal voice glides through Elise Bretton's intricate changes while Egil Kapstad's deceptively understated piano utilizes space to enhance rather than crowd his lush orchestral arrangement. Captured in a live session with the prolific Prague Philharmonic under the capable Mario Klemens, this is a recording to be savored in a private moment – perfect for lovers in front of a fire on a chilly night. Personally, I can't wait to spend an evening or two in Prague." Bill Barnes

No. 3 in the largest newspaper Dagbladet "Best productions 2007"

NRK (National Broadcasting Company) Jazz departement: "GRAND" 
"With their musical evening in Prague Hilde Hefte and Egil Kapstad place themselves quietly and calm in the world-elite-class." (...)"This is how far the 20th century came, they've said it all, everything is now said." Erling Wicklund NRK

TV2: "Wonderful evenings in Prague" Tor Hammerø  / 5 on the dice


The Jazz Express (Jazz Radio) - Queensland, Australia: "Hilde...How can I thank you...sublime music  enviable musicians, the best European CD I've heard all year... glad I had to wait!!! If you love sultry ballads Hilde Hefte will melt your heart". 

The national newspaper Aftenposten: "Peacefulnes in body and soul". "Hilde is singing with gentle authority!"   /  5 on the dice

The national newspaper Dagbladet:   A treasure. 
Calm your soul by listening to Hilde Hefte. Jazz and strings reaches a higher level and Hilde Hefte has never sung better. / 5 on the dice

The newspaper Bergens Tidende:"Exquisite"  / 5 on the dice

The newspaper Fvn: Quiet and soft  / 5 on the dice

The newspaper Rana Blad:"So beautiful that the winter melts away"  / 5 on the dice

The newspaper Lillehammer Byavis: 6 out of 6 stars "Heavenly peace..." 

The online newspaper Vol: A PLEASURE. "Hilde hefte is a low voices singer, who suits this big format." (...) "She’s in the same league as jazz singers like Helen Merrill and Shirley Horn."

"Right from the start, listening to the first track, Johnny Mandel's beautiful composition "Close Enough For Love", I can tell that I am listening to a production extra-ordinaire. Gorgeous jazz-ballads, a very beautiful cover, even the CD is a piece of art". Kyrre Rosenvinge 

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