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Hilde Hefte - Hildes Bossahefte

Hilde Hefte - Hildes Bossahefte




This recording from where one track is also included on the New York based record company Putamayo Records.

This recording that became a "cult-must-have" over night all around the world.

This recording where Hilde is singing all this wonderful bossa-nova songs in her own Norwegian dialect. 


This album that's been around - belive it or not - for 20 years.




Egil Kapstad pno. & Fender Rhodes, 
Hallvard Kausland guit.

Finn Hauge - harmonical

Bjørn Alterhaug b.

Eyvind Olsen Wahlen - drums


Released 2003


1. Jeg danser Samba (So Danco Samba) - Antonio Carlos Jobim / Hilde Hefte

2. Ensom parade (Falsa Baiana) - G. Pereira / Hilde Hefte

3. Once I Loved - Antonio Carlos Jobim / Ray Gilbert

4. Nok tristesse (Shega de Saudade) - Antonio Carlos Jobim / Hilde Hefte

5. Vakker natt (Corcovado) - Antonio Carlos Jobim / Hilde Hefte

6. In Spring - Egil Kapstad / Hilde Hefte

7. Telefonsangen (Telefoné) - Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Boscoli / Hilde Hefte

8. Liten fugl/Simens Samba - Hilde Hefte

9. Gutten og ballen - P. Norgueira / Hilde Hefte

10. Gostoso - Clare Fisher

.......   .  . . . . .  ....  . . . . .......... . .  . . .  . . .  . . . . . . ..... . .  . .



The newspaper Fedrelandsvennen: This CD is a masterpiece. 
Emil Otto Syvertsen

The national newspaper Dagbladet: Just the CD you need when it's cold outside. 
Fredrik Wandrup  /  5 on the dice

The newspaper Bergens Tidende: Sunny from the South. 
Elegant, drifting, sunny, she's inviting the listener to join her in her Brazilian bossa nova - together with her Southern Norwegian accent. 
Olav Gorseth  /  5 on the dice

The newspaper Bergens Tidende's readers oppinion: 6 on the dice

The newspaper Tønsberg Blad: Unquestionably one of our country's best jazz vocalists. 
This is bossa with a sure feeling for style; lazy, laid back, pleasant, warm and at the same time exotic. 
A Brazilian-Norwegian project which are giving spice to cold and grey winter days. 
Lovely.  Erik Munsterhjelm  /  5 on the dice


The newspaper Telemark Arbeiderblad:  A Record that both vocally and instrumental are ideally suited for warming up frozen souls. Very "not-Norwegian". Tore Skaug 

5 on the dice

The newspaper Fredrikstad Blad: Rhythms from Brazil gets a distinctive South-Norwegian character together with a laidback Hefte and our Norwegian jazz elite behind the instruments. 
Trond Øyvind Karterud  /  5 on the dice


The national newspaper Ny Tid:  ...this is remarkable also because of Hilde Hefte's very good lyrics in Norwegian.  This record makes you happy! 
Bjørn Stendahl

A fantastic recording! 
Jan Erik Vold (Poet)

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