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Hilde Hefte - Quiet Dreams

Hilde Hefte - Quiet Dreams




Hilde Hefte - all vocal, sansula, xylophone, Fender Rhodes, piano various perc., singing bowles, bracelet-shaker, triangel

Egil Kapstad - piano
Simen Hefte - soda perc.


Released 2017


The album "Quiet Dreams"reached the highest score by the journalist Fredrik Wandrup became No.1 as The Album of The Year on his list  in the largest national newspaper Dagbladet.


“In my opinion this is the most personal and original album I’ve ever recorded”, Hilde Hefte says. And after listening through the whole album one of the listeners said: “This is the ultimate Hilde-Hefte-album”.

On this recording she is creating her own little universe.

You'll be traveling with her out on the ocean where you’ll be flying with the birds, diving with whales and much more. You will find a lullaby in Norwegian. Hilde's great grandmother sang it for Hilde's grandmother who sang it for her daughter (Hilde's mother); she sang it to Hilde who sang it every night for her child – So in other words, a very personal, sweet little family-tune.

The last track on the album is a very special, groove-based a cappella composition.

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