Special Offer: Kapstad-Johansen Quartet - Friends (CD)

Special Offer: Kapstad-Johansen Quartet - Friends (CD)


On the top 10 list  Jazz-records of the century

Recorded 40 years ago this year.

Celebrated at the Norwegian National Jazz Scene.

We are celebrating too - now you can buy this CD at 50% discount as a Chritmas gift for yourself to enjoy, or to someone else.



Egil Kapstad - piano

Bjørn Johansen - tenor sax

Bjørn Alterhaug - bass

Ole Jacob Hansen - drums 


A re-release of the iconic album originaly released in 1980



1. Medium 24 (Egil Kapstad)

2. My One And Only Love (Wood/Mellin)

3. Poire Williams (Bjørn Alterhaug)

4. Arizona Blue (Egil Kapstad)

5. Friends (Bjørn Johansen)

6. I Love You (Cole Porter)

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