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Blindhiem Trio - Piano Pals

Blindhiem Trio - Piano Pals




Oddbjørn Blindheim Trio - Piano Pals



Oddbjørn Blindheim - piano

Bjørn Alterhaug - double bass

Eyvind Wahlen - drum


Released 2013


Eminent jazz trio finds its inspiration in The Golden Age of Modern Jazz, the 50’s & the 60’s. 

On this album from Oddbjørn Blindheim Trio you will find, included two masters within modern jazz-piano, Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk, 11 tunes composed by the elite within jazz piano. All of them from almost the same period, wonderfully performed by these three great musicians. 

The musical language of Oddbjørn Blindheim Trio is modern bop. The rythmic element has a strong presence. Funky and swinging - these are terms often used when describing this trio. The influence of blues and gospel is readily detectable. The characteristic trio arrangements give, in addition, the music its tightness and form. 

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